Office of Accountability

ESEA Accountability Designation Materials for 2015-16
(to be posted)


Progress of Priority Schools and Focus Districts Technical Documentation (TBA) doc(75KB)

Progress of Focus Schools Technical Documentation (TBA) doc(83KB)

Local Assistance Plan (LAP) Schools Identification Technical Documentation (TBA) doc(67KB)

Reward Schools Identification Technical Documentation (TBA) doc(81KB)

For 2015-16 Accountability Designations please visit:

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Forthcoming in April 2015 -

Release of 2015 – 16 School and District Accountability Designations for Focus Districts, Priority Schools and Focus Schools


LAP Self Review and Report Template (TBA) (506 KB)

Petition for Removal of Focus District, Priority School or Focus School (TBA) (59 KB)

Appeal Form for Third Year Progress of Focus District, Priority, Focus School or Focus Substitution List (TBA) doc(62KB)

Charter School Appeal Form for Third Year Progress (TBA) doc(57KB)

LAP School Appeal Form for Accountability Status (TBA) doc(55KB)

Focus School Substitution Form (TBA) doc(73KB)

Charter School DCIP Equivalency Form (TBA) doc(77KB)

Petition for removal of a Priority Charter School (TBA) doc (54 KB)

Priority School Implementation Status Form (TBA) doc(73KB)



2014-15 Methodologies and Forms

2013-14 Methodologies and Forms

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