Office of Accountability

DTSDE Review Materials

DTSDE Review Materials


Pre-Review Documents

DTSDE Comprehensive School Rubric (Use with Self Assessment) pdf 410 KB

DTSDE Self-Reflection - Grades K - 5 doc 121 KB

DTSDE Self-Reflection - Grades K - 8 doc 121 KB

DTSDE Self-Reflection - Grades 6 - 8 doc 121 KB

DTSDE Self-Reflection - Grades 6 - 12 doc 123 KB

DTSDE Self-Reflection - Grades 9 - 12 doc 122 KB

DTSDE School Event Scheduler doc 65 KB

Guidance on Pre-Review Documents pdf 284 KB

Guidance on the Preparation of On-site Review Documents pdf186 KB

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School Review Reserve Materials

The materials are provided as basic materials to provide an idea of what rudimentary questions may look like. These are not intended to be the questions that guide a review. The best reviews are guided by school-specific questions and appropriate follow-up questions that touch on the QUALITY and EFFECTIVENESS of a school's efforts.

DTSDE In-School Document Review doc45KB

DTSDE Classroom Visitation Tool doc17KB

DTSDE Grade-Subject Meeting Observation doc26 KB

DTSDE Principal Interview doc30KB

DTSDE Student Support Focus Group doc35KB

DTSDE Vertical Teacher Focus Group doc35KB

DTSDE Small Student Focus Group doc36KB

DTSDE Large Student Focus Group doc40KB

DTSDE Parent Focus Group doc32KB

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Debriefing Tools

DTSDE Comprehensive School Rubric pdf 410KB

Guiding Questions/Statement of Practice (SOP) Prompts pdf117 KB

Guiding Questions and SOP Summary and Evidence Template doc 29 KB

DTSDE Recommendation Template doc 35KB

Crafting Quality Recommendations pdf 189KB

Report Writing Look-Fors pdf 361 KB

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District-led Review Report Templates

DTSDE District-Led Review Report Template Focused on Recommendations doc 261 KB UPDATED 12/2017

DTSDE District-led School Report Template Written at the Tenet Level doc 242 KB UPDATED 12/2017

DTSDE District-led School Report Template at the SOP levelĀ doc 268 KB UPDATED 12/2017

DTSDE Self-Reflection with District Oversight  doc 238 KB UPDATED 12/2017

DTSDE Report Writing Guide for all District-Led Reviews pdf 349 KB UPDATED 12/2017

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Last Updated: December 15, 2017