Facilities Planning

Newsletter 97 – January 2009, 2nd Edition

Special Edition

We are pleased to use this special edition to announce a four city tour to promote the full release of the Facilities Planning Electronic Plan and Specification Review and Approval System.  We have successfully completed several rounds of trials and look forward to expanding the system availability.

Carl Thurnau and our partners from Dataflow, Inc. will present information needed to submit electronic capital projects to facilities planning for review and approval. 

The four dates and locations are listed below.  Directions to each location will shortly be posted on the facilities planning website.  All sessions are from 9am-12pm.  There are various maximum participant levels at each location.  Registration is on a first come-first served basis.  Additional dates and locations may be added as necessary. 

February 18
Long Island Area: Nassau BOCES
Facility located at: Clinton Rd Complex
Maximum participation:  150 people
Directions for Garden City PDF Image Icon (88KB)

February 20
Capital Region: Washington-Saratoga-Warren-Hamilton-Essex BOCES 
Facility located at: Gick Rd, Saratoga
Maximum participation:  62 people
Directions for Saratoga Springs PDF Image Icon (9KB)                   

February 24
Rochester Region: Rush-Henrietta CSD
Facility located at: Rush-Henrietta Transportation facility
Maximum participation:  100 people

February 26
Binghamton Area:  Broome – Delaware – Tioga BOCE
Facility Located at: Endicott Learning Center
Maximum participation: 60 people
Directions for Binghamton PDF Image Icon (168KB)


A/E firm design professionals, firm IT gurus, Office Managers, those involved with document management and submission, etc.  Firms with multiple offices should consider sending representatives from each office or a person responsible to coordinate with each office.

The system requires plans, specifications and some paperwork to be provided to Dataflow in an electronic format for submission to SED.  SED will review and correspond with designers electronically to create a review record.  Approval will be provided and posted to the web electronically.  SED will merge our two processes so that electronic and paper reviews are treated equally in the review process.  Our hope is that more and more firms choose the electronic process.

To Register:  Please contact Dataflow directly at (607) 772-2001 or SED@goDataflow.com

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you there.

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Last Updated: June 16, 2009