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Opening Procedures Webinar Series: Finance and Governance (July 6, 2011), School Health and Safety (July 12, 2011), Food Service and Nutrition (July 20, 2011), Special Education (April 24, 2012)

The NYSED Charter School Office has arranged a series of brief webinars to present orientation information on key topics and program office contacts for charter schools. The orientation modules are targeted for new schools opening in 2011, but are available to all interested participants. Please register by sending an email to [charter school orientation  in the subject line].  You will be sent a confirmation email that includes a link and instructions to connect to the sessions. 

General Finance and Governance

July 6, 2011


Cliff Chuang, Director

NYSED Charter School Office

General Finance and Governance webinar PowerPoint  A Powerpoint presentation 

Video of Webinar Video File

School Health and

School Safety

July 12, 2011


Karen Hollowood

Laura Sahr

NYSED Student Support Services  

School Health PowerPoint  A Powerpoint presentation 

School Safety PDF   PDF file 

Video of Webinar Video File  

Food Service and Child Nutrition

July 20, 2011


Frances O'Donnell, Coordinator

Child Nutrition Program

Food Service and Child Nutrition PowerPoint  A Powerpoint presentation 

Video of Webinar Video File


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