Prekindergarten through Grade 12 Education

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Calculation of Headcount and Full Time Equivalent (fte) for the RFP for the
Graduate Level Clinically Rich Teacher Preparation Pilot Program


The RFP specifically uses headcount in the Program Requirements of Section IV in dealing with the numbers of candidates permitted as maximums in the Model A and Model B tracks. Headcount means the actual number of individuals who are candidates in a particular track or cohort.

Full Time Equivalent (fte)

The calculation of fte is needed because the RFP provides educational flexibility in the length of time of the residency period. Traditionally in academic programs fte is meant to measure the number of credit hours carried during a particular term reflecting student/faculty contact hours. For this RFP, fte means the number of school days of the residency period as relating to a full K-12 academic year of 180 days (e.g. a residency period of 180 days is counted as 1.0 fte; whereas a residency period of 60 days is counted as .33 fte). This calculation of fte is used in the determination of the maximum eligible stipend for a candidate under that proposal.

Last Updated: January 21, 2011