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Questions and Answers

My Brother’s Keeper Fellows Program (MBKFP) Grant

A New York State My Brother’s Keeper Initiative


(Posted 2/2/18)
  1. What defines "young men of color”?
    • For the purposes of the My Brother’s Keeper RFP’s a ‘boy or young man of color’ includes, male students in NYS public schools who are identified in their school records with race/ethnicity described as Black or African-American, Hispanic/Latino, Asian, Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, or American Indian, or Alaska Native; or two or more.
  1. What is the suggested process for selecting Fellows? 
    • While there is no specific section in the RFP that addresses how fellows are to be selected, we would recommend the following criteria. Consider students with demonstrated leadership skills and leadership potential, students who have community service experiences, college and career readiness experiences (for example college visits, internships and work experience), a statement of interest with a one-page limit and a letter of recommendation. We would also suggest that there’s a timeframe for the selection process that would assure each project has enough time to select fellows, to select their mentors, and to participate in an orientation to prepare them for the April 27th MBK Symposium.
  1. Please clarify how many signatures are needed on the Memorandum of Agreement (MOU).
    • Applications must include a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signed by all partners. This would include a minimum of three signatures. These signatures include the Mayor or equivalent municipality elected official, Superintendent, and Postsecondary Institution Senior Administrator or local business/community-based organization.
  1. How do I know if my school is eligible?
    • The list of eligible school districts is listed below.
      1. Albany CSD
      2. Buffalo CSD
      3. Dunkirk CSD
      4. East Ramapo CSD
      5. Greenburgh CSD
      6. Hudson CSD
      7. Ithaca CSD
      8. Lyons CSD
      9. Mt. Vernon CSD
      10. Newburgh Enlarged CSD
      11. New Rochelle CSD
      12. New York City DOE (for Brooklyn)
      13. New York City DOE (for the Bronx)
      14. New York City DOE (for Manhattan)
      15. New York City DOE (for Queens)
      16. New York City DOE (for Staten Island)
      17. Ossining Union Free CSD
      18. Poughkeepsie CSD
      19. Rochester CSD
      20. White Plains CSD
      21. Yonkers CSD
  1. Can you provide me with a link for the webinar?
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