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My Brother’s Keeper Native American Program (MBKNAP) Grant

A New York State My Brother’s Keeper Initiative


(Posted 2/2/18)
  1. What defines "young men of color”?
    • For the purposes of the My Brother’s Keeper RFP’s a ‘boy or young man of color’ includes, male students in NYS public schools who are identified in their school records with race/ethnicity described as Black or African-American, Hispanic/Latino, Asian, Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, or American Indian, or Alaska Native; or two or more.

      For the MBK Native American grant, eligible students are defined as students within the district who are (a) on an official tribal membership roll of a NYS tribe, or (b) are the child of such an enrolled member, or (c) live on a Federally- Recognized Reservation. New York State tribes include members of the Iroquoian tribes (St. Regis Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca Nation, Tonawanda Band of Seneca, and Tuscarora), the Shinnecock Nation, and Unkechaug Nation.
  1. Where will the College/Career/Trade Fair be held? 
    • The details of the Fall College/Career/Trade Fair are not yet finalized. All funded programs will be notified once details are available.
  1. What should the MOA include? Is it just agreeing to the content of the grant application?
    • In order to encourage mutual support and collaboration, applications must include a MOA signed by Tribal Leader(s) and district Superintendent in order to be reviewed for consideration. Applications that do not include a MOA signed by all required partners will not be reviewed for consideration. Letters of support will not be accepted in lieu of a required partner’s signature on the MOA. The MOA must specify all of the services each of the partners is required to provide and when they are expected to do it. Please ensure that the partnership agreement is signed by all of the parties to the agreement when the application is submitted. The MOA must be submitted with the application.
  1. Would NYSED consider extending the application deadline 1 month?
    • Applications must be postmarked by February 16, 2018.
  1. Can you clarify for me please, the source of funding for the MBK Native American Initiative? Is it funding from the Federal Government, or is it actually state funding, and the program is only modeled on the Federal initiative?
    • The New York State MBK Native American program is one of the initiatives established under the Board of Regents to increase the academic achievement and college and career readiness of disadvantaged youth, particularly boys and young men of color. It is a state funded initiative modeled after the New York State milestones.
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